Wide Angles - When is it deceptive?

The phrase 'wide angle lens' has surely been made a fuss of in our time photographing and a popular topic in the community. But why is it attracting so much attention and should you use a photographer with these lenses?..

There's no doubt wide angle lenses allow professional real estate photography to even exist, however like everything there is a right and a wrong. A wide angle lens simply allows more of the subject into the camera, making it easier to see the whole picture and making it perfect for agents showcasing a home.

When you visit a place, you have a 360 degree view where ever you walk, however a camera doesn't have that luxury (unless we're on a virtual tour.) The camera is placed in one spot and an image taken. Add to this, homes have some small spaces and to show these off can be tricky. A wide angle lens in this scenario helps see the whole room as opposed to just the wall (which can and still does happen) Its only when photographers take too much advantage of this that things can become deceptive...

See with a wide angle lens, being able to see a whole space is a positive, however seeing that whole space in a single image (without moving your head like in reality) can sometimes gives a sense that the space is larger than it really is. What can be helpful in once scenario can turn into a nightmare for viewers of the home and then the agent. We have all had scenarios where the photos look far larger than reality and its downright frustrating. This is when care and balance are key.

If care is taken on-site by the photographer to accurately assess each photo and compare it to reality then the finished product is balanced between images that show the most they can but don't show the home in the wrong light. There are always going to be bad eggs trying to showcase a property bigger than it is, however pick your photographer right and a wide angle lens will be your best friend.

Benjamin West

Mountfort Media

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