How does $10,000 in your pocket sound?

Well we think it sounds great! That is in the range of the extra money you or your clients could have just by actioning some professional photos. The study by Redfin suggests that properties in the $200,000 to $1 Million bracket achieved anywhere from $3,400 to $11,200 extra, just by having professional photos. We see it all too often in our HQ. (Yes, we still spend hours scrolling real estate websites.) Some properties are still showing up with photos that look like they're from a Nokia phone. Yes this practise is moving out of capital cities and generally more prevalent in the rental market, however it's still there and it is quite crazy to see in this day and age. (Check out a few we found today)

From an investment as little as $99 to land you even on the lower end of that scale is well worth it. On the rental side we always face objections in this area however we think it can be even more important than selling a property. This is because unlike a rental a property sells once. Rental homes may be on the market twice in one year and cost a considerable amount of money for the owner while it sits vacant.

It can be challenging to make your listing stand out in a crowded market and we suggest either though us or any company you choose, professional photography at the least will help you attract more viewers.

To get the most out of your photography booking make sure to ask us for our 'Pre Photography Checklist' to ensure your home looks A+

Benjamin West

Mountfort Media

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